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I came across @alex_elle not too long ago, and her words resonated with me on a deep level. "We learn joyful ease"

Hop over to her account for some amazing, uplifting words. She also just released a book called "After the Rain" 🖤

Here is a small part of Alexandra's story that touched my heart! "I'm raising and teaching my children to trust that standing in their power is their birthright. And no one, no matter who it is, will be able to steal their joy. My oldest daughter, Char, is 12. She's amazingly kind, funny, sensitive, beyond talented, and generous. Her heart and her actions match. Not only does she mean well, but she does well. As her mother, I admire her courage to show up fully in the world. Saying that I am proud of her is an understatement. We can all learn a little something from the children in our lives.

Back in 2017, Char was being teased and mocked about her skin color on the school bus. And when she came home that day, crying and upset, I immediately pulled out some sticky notes for an affirmation session. I look at Char [today] and see the confidence of her entire self BEAM. What's even more rewarding, as a mother, is seeing my child flourish, in all her glory. She SEES and ACCEPTS herself. That is powerful!

I share this to say, our children are watching. They are listening. They are learning. Fill them up. Uplift their spirits. Love and support them in the ways that you may have lacked in your childhood. Teach them goodness and grace through action. Give them to tools to take care of their hearts, minds, and spirits through intentional demonstration. Give them space to grow, room to stumble, and permission to stand tall.

My daughter's light shines through her smile, her self-affirmation, and her art. I am honored to witness her daily evolution into an independent, kind, freethinker. I celebrate her every single day."
-Alexandra Elle

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