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I was diagnosed late in my early 30s with depression/anxiety and adhd. I’ve had them my whole life but never had anyone diagnose it till then. It’s been a struggle running a business while I’m not medicated... it’s just like I can’t get out of bed or get motivated to work without it. The meds have changed my life. I’m able to focus and function like a normal human and now I realize what it’s like for most people to live without these problems. I used to be so hard on myself and wonder why I couldn’t do stuff like everyone else. I couldn’t even play at the park with my kids without having panic attacks that they would hurt themselves.

My husband has also struggled with these same things his whole life ... but more severe. He had social anxiety and severe depression. Two years ago he got a new job that required him to travel across the country for 4 weeks. During that time he stated having hallucinations and severe paranoia so bad that he thought the hotel he was at was poisoning him. I had take a red eye flight to go help him cause he was so far gone. It was like we were living in the movie “A Beautiful Mind”. We almost admitted him into a psych ward but we didn’t have insurance yet with his new job... and I didn’t want to deal with the medical costs. But I probably should have. So we’ve spent the past two years adjusting his meds and dealing with unemployment and lots of therapy. He’s pretty much back to normal but he has a bit of lingering paranoia that I have to keep in check. It’s been a rough two years.

I wasn’t medicated at the time cause I was still nursing my baby ... so I was in a state of depression trying to take care of him and the family and life... so I didn’t take care of me. Finally after I stopped nursing I got back on my meds and into therapy for myself and my life changed. I found my business coach and I’m working at getting my business back up and running again so I can support our family. It’s quite the story!!! Haha.

It’s an ongoing process... something we’ll always struggle with. But knowing about it. and getting help for it has been key. It’s also given me the drive and determination to step up and change my family’s situation.

I feel like we’ve come out from this stronger and more resilient... more than I had thought we could be.

Mental health is a real thing and so many people struggle silently. If you struggle with it, that doesn’t mean you’re a terrible person or that you’re broken. Just do the things to help get you feeling like yourself again. Being on medication or supplements ... even for your whole life is ok, if that’s what your body needs. Just embrace it!


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