Bre Hanks

“I have learned so much throughout our infertility journey. I recognized that my infertility has many purposes that I would have never known if this had not occurred. There are so many hardships going through infertility, but choosing to see the light and positivity during the dark times is powerful. Going through infertility has brought to light my self-worth. Previously, I had extremely low self-esteem, suffered from negative self-talk, and always thought I wasn't good enough. Through much self-development and self-growth, I now can say with confidence that I am much kinder to myself, know my worth, and now love myself. I have found so many positive outcomes and reasons why I am on this journey and the purposes it is serving:

• I have met many new people through various online support groups

• I have grown even closer to and have built a stronger relationship with my husband

• Using my journey and experiences to help raise awareness about infertility and educate others

• Made me a stronger person

• This will make me a much better mother

• I appreciate the little things so much more

• Having an abundance of gratitude for the people and things that ARE in my life

• I now have and know my self-worth/have bettered my mental health

• I know my body can handle anything

• It’s okay to say no and stop people-pleasing

• It’s necessary to take care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

• I’m creating a better version of me

• I’m taking care of myself

• I’ve learned to love myself

Every day I journal creating a gratitude list, positive self-affirmations, and positive fertility-affirmations. I have much more self-growth to endure but I am so happy with how far I have truly come. Continuing to never lose hope or faith in our journey is empowering.

I have learned to appreciate and embrace everyone and everything I do have in my life much more fully now. I have learned how to love and be kinder to myself which will make me an even better mom when the time comes. I have learned that this journey is extremely challenging, but with those challenges come strength, support, love, and hope. I have learned that it is okay to set boundaries and to say no to protect my own peace and well-being. I have learned that we as an infertile community are warriors and are much stronger than what is credited and what meets the eye.”

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