Bre Hanks

“At age 28 I lost all of my peripheral vision. Turns out I have a rare genetic (yet only one in the family) eye disease. At 8 months pregnant, I turned in my license and was handed a white cane. I went through a very sad time. However, through faith, a therapist, family, and friends, I’ve come out on the other side. I now help run the Foundation Fighting Blindness Columbus OH chapter. We raise funds for treatments and cures of inherited retinal disease. I love connecting with others who are recently diagnosed. I walk hand in hand with them to the other side. I will go totally blind one day. And I am ok with it.

I lose more vision every so often. I have to adjust, learn new tricks, stay positive. Then I lose more vision. And repeat.

You can choose joy. You can choose to give your worries to God. You can have the life you always wanted, regardless of your circumstance.”

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