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"My mind was a dark place, and I couldn't come up with compulsions fast enough to keep me safe. To the point where my symptoms became very physical, I was in constant pain. Couldn't get out of bed. My kids thought I was dying, and honestly it sounded better than living every day afraid to leave my room.

I learned to be aware of my thoughts. I never realized how awful I was to myself until I learned how to effectively sit with anxiety, and challenge my thoughts.

My whole life was hinged on believing my OCD and anxiety and running from my emotions.

Once I started to listen, and not judge what's going on in my head, I began to let myself be who I've always wanted to be. Challenging those "rules" that said who or what I should be were making me miserable. Sure, I still am level 10 stress level when I leave my house sometimes, but the fact is that I'm leaving. I'm winning."
-Kirsten Moore
@kirstbob @freckleface.collective 

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