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Follow @livingwithalittleextra story! As soon as I heard her story, I knew I needed to share her beautiful words. Maddie is full of strength and power, and her story is life-changing: "As I stood there a couple of months pregnant with my son I said, 'I accept these charges and will do as you ask of me.' I was initially convicted and charged with a felony [for bringing home a stray dog]. I knew that this wasn’t right yet the words of my attorney haunted me “It’s a gamble, you may win, or you may lose if you go to trial”. If I didn’t win I would have been taken away from my family again and put into jail with felony charges.

Could I really risk that with a baby on the way and a special girl at home who needed me? I couldn’t imagine.

So I stood in front of the judge with tears streaming down my face and said I accept the plea deal. I accepted letting go of this fight that I deserved to win, I accepted the months that would follow of crippling depression and anxiety, I accepted not having justice, I ACCEPTED RACISM, and I ACCEPTED NOT BEING TREATED EQUAL.

If only those officers could have seen past the color of my skin they would have seen my heart they would have seen a loving Mother, Wife, Friend, and Daughter. I AM NOT A CRIMINAL.

The officer said to me on the ride to the jail “Someone like your husband should know better”. You're right, he does know better, and he chooses love. 🖤

There are many of us who take on charges for things we didn’t commit because we are scared of taking the risk of fighting for our rights! This isn’t fair and this is where WE CAN DO BETTER! We shouldn’t have to fight for something that others so freely have. We deserve #equality 🤟🏻🤟🏼🤟🏽🤟🏾🤟🏿 PLEASE SEE US, LISTEN TO US, and MAKE THE CHANGE! Keep sharing our stories we NEED YOU & WE APPRECIATE YOU."
-Maddie Clark

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