Bre Hanks

“My son died in pregnancy, my world shattered and now I am whole again. My broken pieces have become my healing.

The ‘dirtiest’ season of my life, the chapter I would rather not have been written became my greatest source of light and strength. When I lost my son, my world felt like it had ended completely. I began to heal, piece by piece and I found that my story had helped others who would or had, unfortunately, walked the same path. I remember hearing the words ‘your baby is incompatible with life’ and knowing that he was going to die. From then, the excruciating wait to deliver him and hear a deafening silence began but I knew that I would feel love like I had never before and that truly was the case.

I am now pregnant with my miracle rainbow baby. I still carry grief and gratitude every day. I am still anxious, I am still worried that something is going to happen in this pregnancy but I still have hope. Zachary’s (my son) story still impacts people every day as they hear about my grief journey.

I am a true believer of hope in every circumstance.”

-Michaela Taylor

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