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Bloom In Color || A Floral Hand-Lettering Coloring Book

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A coloring book is easy enough to use, but add in some hand-lettered and faith-based quotes and you will create magic!

This 79-page floral book was designed to give you a relaxing experience while encouraging you in your daily life with uplifting words.

In this book, you will find that the words from each quote are printed in a way that you can follow along and hand-letter on your own. This is so you can practice your hand-lettering skills by using your favorite brush pen to recreate the words in this book.

Designed for any age-- from toddler to grandma and anywhere in between, you can enjoy coloring AND hand-lettering to help you slow down and relax a bit.

Need a brush pen? We highly recommend snagging one for this one-of-a-kind coloring book! Here's Bre's favorite beginner brush pen:

Snag it HERE!

Or try this FUN pen for bigger projects HERE!